The National Writing Project is a network of teachers, university faculty, researchers, writers, and community educators working to advance writing and the teaching of writing.

Investing in Teachers, Honoring Teaching

We engage great educators at all levels and in all subjects in deepening their understanding of the teaching of writing and working as leaders in their schools, communities, and in the profession at large.

Spanning the Nation

Educators connect to NWP through local Writing Project sites and online networks. Currently, 175 local Writing Project sites are housed on college campuses across the nation. Collectively, they prepare 2,500 new teacher-leaders each year. These new leaders join a dynamic and active network of leaders who work with 95,000 colleagues annually in classrooms, libraries, museums, national parks—virtually any space where young people learn, read, and write—ultimately strengthening the writing and thinking of 6 million students, pre-K through college, each year.

With Deep Expertise

Writing touches all areas of our lives, and therefore NWP includes educators with expertise in fields as diverse as media-making, writing in STEM and technical fields, and the arts and humanities, as well as youth leadership and civic engagement. NWP educators are diverse, with experience teaching in a wide range of communities and settings.

This powerful network is supported by a dynamic Board of Directors, consisting of civic, business, and education leaders, and our Writers Council. The capable NWP national staff provide coordination, communications, and a point of entry for funders and partners seeking to learn about the network.

Write Now Teacher Studio

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Where teachers write, share, and talk shop about writing and the teaching of writing.

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