Common Sense Census: Inside the 21st Century Classroom

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Join us for a discussion of a new report by Common Sense Media, The Common Sense Census: Inside the 21st-Century Classroom, which explores how K–12 educators have adapted to critical shifts in technology in schools and society. Our guests discuss the benefits of teaching lifelong digital citizenship skills along with the challenges of preparing students to critically evaluate online information and how educators across the country are adapting in today’s fast-changing digital world.


  • Kim Douillard, Director, San Diego Area Writing Project
  • Tanner Higgin, Director of Education Editorial Strategy, Common Sense Education
  • Kaili Hwang, Foundations Manager, Common Sense Education
  • Erin Wilkey Oh, Executive Editor of Education Content & Distribution, Common Sense Media
  • Christina Cantrill, Associate Director of National Programs, National Writing Project

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