Digital Is… “beyond shiny new tools”

In this short take from a video interview conducted at Education Week‘s Leadership Forum in 2010, Chris Lehmann of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia articulates ideas that are at the heart of the Digital Is vision of professional conversation in a digital age. (Regrettably, the video embed comes with an advertisement.) It’s a conversation that is definitely NOT about shiny new tools. It definitely IS about pedagogy.

Digital Is, a project of the National Writing Project, aims to publish the voices of educators who are exploring what it might mean to teach and learn writing today. The continuing development of new digital tools for writing, collaboration, inquiry, and social action does not mean we no longer need inquire into our teaching, leaving the tools to do our thinking for us. Rather, it means a new horizon for teaching, a new definition of writing, and a new set of issues for professional conversation.

We invite you to participate in the conversations on this website as we explore the teaching of writing in a world where, simply, digital is…