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NWP Advocate Badge: Guidance Criteria

Curators notes:

The National Writing Project awards the Advocate Badge to educators who have organized, led and/or taken part in leadership development events focused on advocacy. The badge recognizes educators’ contributions as education advocates in their schools and communities and on the wider national stage. The guidance criteria for earning the Advocate Badge are detailed on this page.

What does it mean to be micro-credentialed as an advocate at the National Writing Project (NWP)? Advocacy is one of the core social practices of National Writing Project teacher-leaders. Award this badge to teachers who advocate for policies and practices at the school, district, state, and national level that support good teaching and learning.

Connection to Core Principles: Teachers use their knowledge and leadership to advocate for efforts that work towards equity in various ways, including writing or taking action with and for students, families, communities, and/or professionals who have been marginalized or who face systemic barriers.

NWP Micro-credential: Advocate

Someone who earns this badge has had a substantial engagement with advocacy. They are likely to have had experiences such as:

  • taking a visible role in shaping practice and policy at the school or district level
  • participating in NCTE’s Literacy Education Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill
  • working collaboratively with school staff and administrators to improve the quality of writing
    instruction in the school/district
  • being part of an action research community focusing on a critical issue related to writing and
    literacy as part of the Writing Project or a district initiative
  • making a presentation at a union conference or rally
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