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NWP Practitioner Badge: Guidance Criteria


The National Writing Project awards badges to educators who have organized, led and/or taken part in leadership development events focused on the teacher as practitioner. The guidance criteria for earning the Practitioner Badge are detailed on this page.


What does it mean to be micro-credentialed as a practitioner at the National Writing Project (NWP)? Sharing your teaching practice is one of the core social practices of National Writing Project teacher-leaders. This badge recognizes the ability of teacher-leaders to teach writing and to make their teaching practice public for sharing, inquiry, and iteration.

Connection to Core Principles: This badge affirms the efforts of teacher-leaders who have studied and shared their own teaching practices with other teachers to improve the teaching of writing. Teacher-leaders who earn this badge provide leadership and model professional commitment in their willingness to be vulnerable by putting their teaching practice forward for review, discussion, and reuse.

NWP Micro-credential: Practitioner

Someone who earns this badge has had a substantial engagement in sharing their teaching practices with other teachers. This educator likely participated in experiences like:

  • teaching and learning
  • using protocols to look at teacher lessons and student work
  • studying pedagogical research
  • working with a thinking partner to unpack one’s one practice and think about the best
    way to share it with others
  • sharing their own lessons/teaching strategies through teaching demonstration
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