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NWP Teacher-Consultant Badge: Public Criteria

Curators notes:

The National Writing Project’s Teacher-Consultant badge indicates that the recipient has completed an invitational leadership program at a local writing project site and has become a teacher leader/member of that site and of the national network.

The mission of the National Writing Project (NWP) is to focus the knowledge, expertise, and leadership of our nation’s educators on sustained efforts to improve writing and learning for all learners. The NWP Teacher-Consultant badge is issued to educators who complete a program of literacy learning, study, and leadership development that includes outcomes for NWP’s Six Social Practices: Write, Learn, Lead, Collaborate, Make Practice Public, Advocate. These programs are designed and administered by local writing project sites.

The Teacher-Consultant (TC) badge is issued by local writing project sites in recognition of achievements across all six Social Practices. The badge is not subject-specific and can be issued to educators who work at any level, K-university, across the curriculum. The badge can also be issued to educators who work in educational institutions, libraries, or community settings.

NWP Teacher-Consultants are the core members of the NWP network and can become teacher leaders through local writing project sites. Holders of this badge may work through their local site to design and deliver professional learning programs, participate in curriculum development or assessment projects, or join its research efforts.

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