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Planning for Young Writers Camps


2012 Young Writers Camps: Expectations, Guidelines, and Decisions


  • Each Camp Leadership Team must develop a projected budget which includes: cost of camp, projected number of campers, expense/camper, expense of marketing, revenue to project, and stipends to instructors (see guidelines below)
  • Each team must secure scholarships for campers who qualify
  • Every camper will receive an anthology at the end of camp (appr. $4/camper or may be digital)
  • Plan for developing anthology and dissemination date
  • System for marketing
  • Plan for collecting registrations and fees, as well as for communicating with parents
  • Create and collect end-of-camp surveys

Budget “Givens”

  • If camp costs $150/camper, 25% of income comes to project
  • If camp costs $200/camper, 30% of income comes to project
  • Camp budgets are for 20 kids or more
  • Lead instructor stipend $1000 and co-instructor is $700 and may increase if budget allows
  • Tech instructor must be part of each leadership team. This person may be either the lead instructor or a co-instructor, but they must be familiar with the computer system to be used and they must be able to troubleshoot and solve on-site problems as well as provide kids with opportunities for digital publishing. If neither the lead instructor nor the co-instructor can provide this support, then a tech team member must be included in the budget.
  • 19 or less kids requires decrease in instructor and co-instructor stipends
  • Scholarships are secured and made available
  • 26+ kids requires a third teacher who is paid a stipend which is negotiated or another qualified volunteer

Other Decisions

  • Grade Levels of Campers
  • Cost/camper for food, T-shirts, supplies, anthology, etc.
  • Whether or not to have a family night
  • Costs incurred for marketing
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Camp theme—have one or not?
  • Use of wiki or online camp community
  • Schedule of each day
  • Writing marathon or not
  • Others?

Mentor Texts and Examples

  • Brochures from past camps
  • Invitations to Campers
  • Scholarship Request Form
  • Registration Form
  • Organizational Overview of Campers’ Payments and Contact Information
  • Daily Schedule
  • Budgets