Play Is an Essential: An NWP CoLab with Playworks

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As schools work through reopening plans and teachers reframe curricula for hybrid learning and policy-makers talk of “learning loss,” it might be easy to forget the impact of the pandemic on children’s opportunity to play and to learn through play.

Playworks, a national non-profit that helps schools maximize the potential of recess and play for children’s social and emotional growth, immediately saw the challenge the pandemic would pose for schools, parks, playgrounds, and families, working over the summer to prepare reopening guides and to redo their games and challenges for online and distanced formats. In this CoLab we discuss the resulting resource bank that teachers and families can use to return play to the school day - even when that school day is on Zoom.


  • Elizabeth Cushing, CEO, Playworks
  • Danyel Crutcher, Senior Manager of Special Projects, Playworks

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