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Rethinking Field Trips


In San Diego, teachers and museum educators joined forces to create a new model for museum field trips—one that pleased students, teachers, and museum curators alike. Read this post to learn about their different kind of field trip and to access field trip resources.

Two students and teacher taking measurements in field

How can teachers maximize the learning potential of field trips?

In this post for Larry Ferlazzo’s EdWeek Blog, facilitators from three Intersections teams discuss what they have learned through their inquiry of field trips, from working with museum educators, watching students in action at museums, and careful ‘reading’ of the museum itself.

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Field Work Planning Guide

This guide offers advice for rethinking the museum as a place for students to do field work, with lots of example activities included.

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How to Plan a Field Trip

This attractive one-pager offers advice for preparing students for a successful field trip before, during, and after the event.

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