The Art of Encounter in Teaching and Learning

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Join NWP Radio to learn about NCTE’s Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (AEPL) and their annual conference. AEPL is for educators interested in “exploring the boundaries of teaching and learning beyond traditional disciplines and methodologies.” Some areas of exploration include kinesthetic knowledge, meditation, and reflective teaching.

Our guests include Bruce Novak, the conference organizer; Mary Rose O’Reilley, this year’s keynote speaker; and Jeff Wilhem, director of the Boise State Writing Project. This year’s conference, “The Art of Encounter in Teaching and Learning,” will take place in Colorado, June 25-28.


  • Bruce Novak, Conference Organizer and Education Task Force Coordinator, Foundation for Ethics and Meaning
  • Mary Rose O’Reilley, Professor Emerita of English, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
  • Jeff Wilhelm, Director, Boise State Writing Project
  • Tanya Baker (Host), Director of National Programs, National Writing Project

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