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The C3WP Badge Series: Public Criteria

Curators notes:

The College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) awards three badges to participants and leaders in C3WP professional learning and leadership opportunities.

The College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) is a National Writing Project professional learning, assessment, and curriculum development program that focuses on teaching argument writing in secondary schools and upper elementary grades. The program emphasizes exploring complex issues through reading and analyzing multiple sources of information and perspective, assessing and formulating nuanced claims, and managing evidence. Teachers work to implement research-based practices that teach young writers the skills of argumentative writing in a way that is attentive to local schools and community needs and interests. Several randomized control trials assessing student outcomes have proven the effectiveness of C3WP.

Participating teachers are recognized through a series of three C3WP badges, earned sequentially. The three C3WP badges are issued by the local writing projects to recognize three levels of involvement in C3WP.

  • The C3WP Badge for Teaching recognizes teachers who have put C3WP into practice in their classrooms as assessed by C3WP local facilitators and coaches.
  • The C3WP Badge for Facilitating recognizes teachers who have taken up leadership in the C3WP program by facilitating C3WP professional development for other educators, including analyzing, modeling and coaching instruction and formative assessment activities;
  • The C3WP Badge for Designing recognizes those who have designed and created full sequences of professional learning for educators in school, district, or other contexts, including conducting needs/assets reviews, collaborating with faculty and administration in program design, and advancing the intellectual and curricular growth of the C3WP effort.
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