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The Writer Badge: Guidance Criteria

Curators notes:

The National Writing Project awards Writer Badges to educators who have organized, led and/or taken part in leadership development events focused on the teacher as writer. The guidance criteria for earning the Teacher-Writer Badge are detailed on this page.

What does it mean to be micro-credentialed as a teacher-writer at the National Writing Project (NWP)? Writing is one of the core social practices of National Writing Project teacher-leaders. This badge recognizes teacher-leaders who have taken up the practice by writing, participating in writing groups, and giving rich and transformative feedback to peer writing.

Connection to Core Principles: One of the core principles of NWP is the ability to respond generously and substantively to each other’s writing. Within the summer institute, fellows work in writing groups to enrich writing, to experience real audiences for writing, and to share writing instructional practices.

NWP Micro-credential: Teacher-Writer

Someone who earns this badge has had a substantial engagement with their Writing Project community through writing. This teacher has likely participated in experiences such as these:

  • creating collaborative and communal spaces where writing takes place
  • working as a writing group member
  • giving rich feedback to writing partners or writing group members
  • serving as a writing group mentor to other teachers
  • writing and co-writing for publication
  • wollaborating in digital writing projects/created online texts in collaboration with one or
    more fellow teachers
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