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Building a More Perfect Union

K12 resources from a year of partnerships

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“Through the Building a More Perfect Union, we see the humanities’ special powers for enabling human-to-human connection and bridge-building across groups come alive!”
— Dr. Sarah Ruffing Robbins, Lorraine Sherley Professor of Literature at Texas Christian University, Building a More Perfect Union Review Committee Chair

This series features resources created for and by K12 teachers and students through a shared focus on the theme of “building a more perfect union.” This theme explores what is possible when learners and teachers have an opportunity to do place-based work that is meaningful to themselves and connected to their communities. Each episode features an interview with local project leaders along with resources created for use in K12 classrooms.

These projects were funded by grants through the NWP’s Building a More Perfect Union program supported by National Endowment for the Humanities covid recovery funds in 2022-23. Through this program, partners with the aim to “build a more perfect union” through expanding access and raising the visibility of lesser-known stories and histories in regions and communities, engaging communities through participatory public humanities events and opportunities, and developing institutes and curriculum with teachers and students to support humanities-oriented learning in K12 classrooms and beyond.

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Supporting Place-Based Student Inquiry in Tulsa, Oklahoma
This project shed light on the tragic and often overlooked history of the Tulsa Race Massacre by engaging hundreds of students in studying this period and then creating artifacts and displays to showcase what they uncovered.
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Voices in Our Classrooms and Communities
This project engaged local teachers and students in the creation of educational resources highlighting Flint’s history through a partnership with a local museum.
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Studying and Teaching Our Complicated Histories
Teachers from the Redwood Writing Project participated in a year-long study group where they discussed scholarship, texts, and resources focused on untold local histories of Humboldt County and California. The project culminated in a rich set of classroom units based on topics of interest to California educators and beyond.
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