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The Redwood Writing Project Focus Group, known as Indigenous Local Funds of Knowledge, met from October 2022 – March 2023 and was facilitated by Page Matilton.  Page is a Natinixwe (Hupa) member and a recognized retired teacher from Hoopa Valley Elementary School, in the Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District. Page is currently serving as a Board of Trustees’ Member for the KTJUSD. Humboldt County Tribal histories are his connection to many classrooms throughout the area. 

As a facilitator, Page encouraged and guided his group as they worked on their lesson plans and units. He supported the group with session discussions and responded to their amazing creations, designs, and final submissions of “greatness”.   Two unique projects emerged from the group.   First, Amy Rennie created an amazing unit for 8th through 12th grade students: DBQ: How Just or Unjust was Indian Removal and Land Acquisition in Humboldt County?  In addition, Jennifer Rosebrook and Drew Riddle created a dynamic and very comprehensive unit for high school students: The Gasquet to Orleans Road Controversy Lesson Overview and Materials.

The development of both units involved extensive research, and both contain a wealth of primary and secondary sources. In Pages’s words, “These group members are the definition of perfection, and their lessons will inspire generations to come.”

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The Gasquet to Orleans Road Controversy
By Drew Riddle and Jennifer Rosebrook