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Meet the Poets: the Writers Council and Beyond

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For many years, the National Writing Project has benefited from the performances and insights of poets, both through NWP’s Writers Council and though collaborations exploring teaching and poetry at NWP events or on NWP Radio. This collection links to recordings and audio episodes that capture some of those connections for all of us to enjoy.

NWP sites and leaders can help build this collection by contributing your own recordings of keynotes, workshops, and interviews with poets you work with. And you can always invite the writers you work with to join the Writers Council and ‘stand up for writing.’

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Why I Write: Jane Hirshfield Writes about Life's Profound Mystery
By Jane Hirshfield
Read Jane’s Hirshfield’s statement about why she writes and watch her TEDed explanation of metaphor.
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Why I Write: To Awaken the Spirit in the Downtrodden
By Nnamdi Chukwuocha, Al Mills
Poets and youth workers Al Mills and Nnamdi Chukwuocha answer the call to describe #WhyIWrite with a poem. The answer is inseparable from their community and the promise of the youth they work with.
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Billy Collins: A ‘Reader’s Poet’ Reads at NWP’s Annual Meeting
Enjoy Billy Collins’ keynote at the NWP Annual Conference.
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