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College-Ready Writers Program Lesson Study (NWP Radio)


Guests on this radio program were part of NWP's College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) who participated in an online version of a lesson study focused on two mini-units. Guests talk about how the structure of the lesson study has impacted their practice, their experience with teaching the mini-units in their classrooms, and their experience with participating in the online community. Site leadership teams may develop a similar online lesson study using lessons learned by these educators about digital interaction in professional inquiry groups. This resource may be useful for sites that want to engage in continuity across rural areas, or teachers who want to try the argumentative writing modules and compare processes and outcomes with other educators.

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Duration: 50 minutes


“Creating professional learning opportunities for teachers can be tricky—it’s amazing how quickly we can forget that all of those strategies we cherish in our classrooms (i.e., inquiry, reflection, choice, and dialogue) need to be present for adult learners as well. The process of lesson study has become, for us, an essential element in the landscape of professional learning, and it is particularly well-suited as a support for the mini-units.”

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