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Making and Sharing Our COVID Stories, an NWP Beyond Storytime CoLab

By National Writing Project
After a full year of COVID, and the overlapping pandemics of violence against Black lives and attacks on Democracy, a group of educators and writers come back together at Beyond Storytime CoLab to share and consider what we have made, why we have made it, and the stories these objects carry…
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Beyond Storytime, An NWP CoLab—Creating a Picture Book as a Community of Collaborators

By National Writing Project
This CoLab features Writing Project colleagues—author-educator Ruth Devlin, artist-illustrator-educator Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez, and editor Amy Bauman—sharing their story of collaborating from a distance in the creation of a picture book: Ants: Across, Around, and Through.
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Beyond Storytime, An NWP CoLab—Awesome Author Visits when Everyone is on Zoom

By National Writing Project
This Beyond Storytime NWP CoLab features Kentucky educator Sandra Hogue and author-illustrators K-Fai Steele, Gordon C. James, Aram Kim, and Kyle Lukoff.
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Write Now Teacher Studio

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Where teachers write, share, and talk shop about writing and the teaching of writing

Hosted by the National Writing Project, the Write Now Teacher Studio is an open, online community of educators for educators. It’s a place to write together, examine our teaching, create and refine curricula, and work toward ever more effective and equitable practices to create confident, creative, and critical thinkers and writers in our classrooms and courses.

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