LEARN Marginal Syllabus (March)—“Untold Stories”: Cultivating Consequential Writing with a Black Male Student through Metaphor

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This author discussion features Sakeena Everett, Andrea Zellner, Anna Smith, Sam Reed, Joe Dillon, and Remi Kalir. The piece being discussed, “‘Untold Stories’: Cultivating Consequential Writing with a Black Male Student through a Critical Approach to Metaphor,” shares Sakeena Everett’s work learning alongside a student in a summer program called “We Choose to Learn.” This university-based program was designed to prepare high school students of color—like her student Shawn—for college, and to engage them in learning opportunities that also drew upon their career interests in education. This rich ethnographic account calls attention to the way in which Everett supported Shawn to develop writing that lead him toward action against inequity.


  • Sakeena Everett, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
  • Andrea Zellner, Tech Integration Specialist, Oakland Schools
  • Anna Smith, Assistant Professor, Illinois State University
  • Sam Reed, Educator and Founder, U School
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Denver; Co-Founder, Marginal Syllabus
  • Joe Dillon, Educator; Co-Founder, Marginal Syllabus
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