Professional Learning

On-Site Consulting: New York City Writing Project



Our twenty years of inservice experience have taught us that one key to improving teacher practice and student performance in reading and writing across the curriculum is developing stable, long-term professional development relationships with schools. These relationships, built over time and within the context of each school, develop out of three mutually reinforcing components of our program:

  • on-site, after-school seminars in the teaching of reading and writing for teachers from all disciplines and grade levels
  • the presence of an on-site teacher-consultant two days each week, whose job is to plan lessons and projects with teachers, team-teach, recommend and provide resources, encourage the publication of student writing through anthologies and displays, and organize peer dissemination of good practices throughout the school
  • direct work with the schools’ administrators, focused on their educational goals.
  • Creating a Team of Teacher Leaders in Remote Schools and Local Communities: The Yellowstone Writing Project’s New Pathway to Leadership