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Reading, Writing, and Reflection in the Holocaust Educators Network


A Visit with the Holocaust Educators Network (NWP Radio)

In this NWP Radio show, teachers who participated in TOLI’s 2010 institute share their reflections and insights. They discuss their experience of the institute, their learnings about the Holocaust and contemporary Jewish culture, and their application of institute content and practices to their own communities—specifically, to studying the history of Native American genocide and the resiliency of cultures in the face of such atrocities.

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Duration: 1 hour

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The Sunflower Project

In this short film, Diane Williams, a teacher-consultant from the Boise State Writing Project, works with her middle school students to investigate the theme of forgiveness as developed by the novel The Sunflower. This project was, in part, the outgrowth of Diane’s participation in a TOLI Summer Seminar.

NWP Teachers and the Work of the Olga Lengyel Institute

The 2017 Annual Meeting plenary featured NWP/TOLI teachers Brenda Johnston, Tracei Willis, and Michelle Clark discussing how Holocaust education connects to issues of social justice today with specific examples of their work and inspiring stories about their students and schools.

Download 2017 NWP Annual Meeting Plenary Slides (with video, 311MB)
Download 2017 NWP Annual Meeting Plenary Slides (without video, 54MB)

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