Multilingual Learners Teacher Inquiry

Responsive Teacher Inquiry and Innovation in Teaching ELA with Diverse Learners (NWP Radio)

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Steve Athanases of University of California at Davis, on the importance of implementing research and inquiry skills at the start of a teacher’s career:

“If preservice teachers can have inquiry become part of their repertoire early on, it can become internalized. They might not realize the toolkit they are developing that is going to be available for them to tap into. It’s an innovation in teacher preparation that can serve the teacher population effectively. It’s challenging and potentially really enriching.”


Read more at Learning About English Learners’ Content Understandings Through Teacher Inquiry: Focus on Writing  by Steven Z. Athanases, Juliet Michelsen Wahleithner & Lisa H. Bennett in The New Educator Volume 9, 2013 – Issue 4