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The UCLA Writing Project’s Continuity Programs at a Glance (From <em>Creating Spaces for Study and Action Under the Social Justice Umbrella</em>)

Authors: Marlene Carter, Norma Mota-Altman, and Faye Peitzman

Summary: How can teachers remain connected to a writing project learning community? This appendix to the monograph, Creating Spaces for Study and Action Under the Social Justice Umbrella, describes a number of program models that support teachers as they continue their professional growth after a first NWP experience at the UCLA Writing Project through “one-day, multiple week, full-year, and multiyear engagement.” These program ideas are adaptable to a range of NWP sites or teacher-learning groups.

Original Date of Publication: October 22, 2009


Continuity is the umbrella term for the way we continue to nourish and learn from our writing project fellows. We do our best to listen to what teachers say about their next focus for professional growth and create opportunities for all to remain connected to our learning community. The range of opportunities is broad, including one-day, multiple-week, full-year and multiyear engagement. It used to be the case that a majority of our continuity effort revolved around teachers offering continuity workshops at school sites. Clearly this is still a major effort, but we now also concentrate on providing arenas in which teachers have time to delve deeply into specific issues of teaching and learning. And, because we are a writing project site, we offer several settings in which teachers can continue developing as writers.


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Original Source: Creating Spaces for Study and Action Under the Social Justice Umbrella, National Writing Project at Work, http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/2966