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What it Means to Pose, Wobble, and Flow

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“Often, as teachers, we wobble as we decide when to follow mandates that don’t sit with us too well. Admittedly, our first impulses are often reactionary, leading us to rant to anyone within earshot about the injustice of “it” all, whatever “it” may be. Sometimes blowing off steam like this is enough and we determine that we can “go along to get along” because in the long run, complying with the mandate will have a pretty inconsequential impact on our teaching and our students’ learning. At other times, our wobbling just won’t go away. In those circumstances, we can use two strategies to work toward flow:


  1. We can work within the system by meeting the mandate, but doing so on our terms.
  2. We can “work” the system by being subversive.


Again, determining which option to take in a moment of wobble requires that we use our poses as touchstones so that we can react reflectively rather than be reactionary.”

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