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Writing Our Future Through Family Literacy Projects (NWP Radio)


In this NWP Radio Show, writing project leaders discuss their family academic literacy projects, developed as part of the Writing Our Future Initiative. Based in high-needs schools around the country, this work provides support and interactive programming for English Language Learners grades K-3 and their families. This resource can support NWP sites and groups of teacher leaders to understand some of the questions and issues involved in developing these programs, and provides models for adaptation.

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Duration: 60 minutes


Debbie Gervic, Illinois Writing Project Professional Development Leader and Facilitator of the Family Literacy Grant at Lynn Elementary School in Chicago, on the effects of the Writing Our Future Initiative:

“What we noticed the most is that parents have started to volunteer more readily during the school day and have asked to be in the classroom. Generally they were more invisible, coming in and saying ‘can I do some copying for you?’ Even reading with a child was something they didn’t feel that comfortable with. But somehow they feel much more comfortable working within the classroom and working with students who are doing their writing and watching the workshop taking place in the classroom. There has been an increase in parent volunteers during the writing workshop, and they attribute that to the family attendance to the Family Literacy After-School Writing Workshop.”

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