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C3WP: Extended Research Arguments

The ultimate goal for a student argument writer is a self-driven exploration of an issue that is important to them. This exploration is one where they inquire into a conversation, find their place in it, and contribute their voice. In the C3WP we call this the “Extended Research Argument” because students typically spend time choosing a topic, finding good sources, reading and annotating those sources, developing a claim, and writing a longer argument. We encourage teachers to plan for one Cycle of Writing to be an Extended Research Argument that takes students through the full process of researching, planning, drafting, and revising. This Extended Research Argument could be integrated into an existing curriculum as a replacement for the traditional research paper.

Inside the Life of a Piece of Writing

The Inside the Life of a Piece of Writing webpage takes you through a process step-by-step complete with the actual assignments, student work, and interviews about the process with one student. The Extended Research Argument video is a good introduction to the resource, and invites you to explore the ideas behind the extended argument and how to use the website “Inside the Life of Piece of Writing” in both high school and middle school.

Community Research Arguments

This College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) “Community Research Argument” project helps students in grades 6-12 identify local issues that affect their community, provides a framework through which students get thoroughly informed on those issues, and supports students in writing and revising published letters addressed to local decision-makers and the public at large. By doing the work to become informed, students learn to value evidence, credibility, and logical lines of reasoning while actively participating in an opportunity to create real change.