Content-Area Literacy Professional Learning

C3WP: Teaching On-Demand Argument Writing

Teaching On-Demand Argument Writing. This online learning experience supports on-demand writing in the CRWP. It is a PowerPoint with a slide-by-slide voiceover that takes you through a step-by-step approach to teaching on-demand arguments of policy. It uses the Wild Horses two-day reading and writing task (see prompt below) as a teaching prompt and a Concussion prompt as the task students complete on-demand.

You can edit or change the PowerPoint once you’ve downloaded it through the link above. If you want to add a new voiceover to the PowerPoint, click on the “Insert” tab, choose “Audio,” and then “Record Audio.” Record your new message and then click “Save.” Finally, from the PowerPoint banner, click on “Format Audio” and choose “Start Automatically.” Then, below, choose “Hide Icon During Show.”