Equity & Access Teacher Inquiry

Citizens in the Making—Inspiring Students to Engage in Transformative Civic Learning


View this rich webinar about how and why preparing students for youth participatory action research (YPAR) leads to civic engagement, community improvement, learning, and literacy (cue the video to 16:52). Through this inquiry process, students gain an understanding of their communities and then can advocate for change.


Our month-long series, Equity and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom, had the final official webinar yesterday; don’t miss an interactive online conference in an unHangout style for our final webinar next week. The series, broadcast in partnership with Educator Innovator and Connectedlearning.tv, focuses specifically on equity in relation to Connected Learning principles.

This fourth webinar, Citizens in the Making: Inspiring Students to Engage in Transformative Civic Learning, is now archived. This webinar focused on ways that educators can help students use digital tools to connect their academic learning to powerful projects in their communities in order to inspire personal and social empowerment. We were pleased to welcome guests Daneille Filipiak of Teachers College, Columbia University; Ben Kirshner of the University of Colorado, Boulder; Ellen Middaugh of the Civic Engagement Research Group; Nicole Mirra of the UCLA Writing Project; and Paul Oh of the National Writing Project. The webinar was hosted by Antero Garcia of the Colorado State University Writing Project. For more information, and to view resources related to the webinar, click here.