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Results for “Building Critical Civic Empathy Across Time and Space: Fostering Digital Democratic Dialogue with the NWP 3D Project”

3D: Learning for All

By Janelle Bence
Janelle Bence of the Central Texas Writing Project shares lessons learned by both her and her students during the year-long Digital Democratic Dialogue Project.
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An Experiment in Building Democracy with Our Students

By Peter Haun
Peter Haun of the Oakland Writing Project describes the impact of the experimental-yet-powerful teacher to teacher, teacher to student, student to student, Digital Democratic Dialogue Project on both his students.
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“Speech on Fleek, Ground to the Ear”: A Year of Adventurous Civility with the 3D Project

By Christina Puntel
Christina Puntel of the Philadelphia Writing Project explains how she and her students practice ‘generous listening’ in preparation for maintaining ‘adventurous civility’ while participating in the 3D Digital Democratic Dialogue Project. Included are relevant news and resources.
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Climate Change, Controversy, and Conversation in the 3D Project

By Mary Richards
Mary Richards of the Alaska Writing Project becomes more civic minded alongside her students after participating in the 3D Digital Democratic Dialogue Project and finds herself asking questions of responsibility and tactics regarding the teaching of subjects as controversial as climate…
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Creating Generative Dialogue One Civil Conversation at a Time

By Molly Robbins
Molly Robbins of the Denver Writing Project offers students a road map to have hard conversations with people with whom they fundamentally disagree. After working on civil conversations and participating in the 3D Digital Democratic Dialogue Project, some of her students of color were…
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Digital Democratic Dialogue (3D) Project Design Cycles

By Nicole Mirra
Nicole Mirra shares the three iterative design cycles of the 3D Digital Democratic Dialogue Project that were aimed at encouraging students to move through a development progression of defining themselves as civic actors, engaging with other young citizens from across the U.S., and imagining…
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