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Hearing Student Voices

Curators notes:

Renee Webster's "Hearing Student Voices" is an example of thinking big by starting with something relatively small in terms of technology know-how. Renee used affordable digital voice recorders to capture her young students' "book talks." Her video allows us the opportunity to hear her students and share in her practice, a practice that would be interesting to try out in a range of grade levels and classroom settings. On March 8, 2010

“As a learning community, we replayed these conversations many times to notice how smart our brains were as we named each others’ wonders, predictions, connections, inferences, and theories embedded in the saved conversations.”

This video documents my work supporting students to use digital voice recorders for “book talks” that allowed them to be active participants in their own processes of inquiry and learning. Sharing their “smart thinking” with each other, and hearing their own voices in the recordings made such a difference in the kind of inquiry and learning process we went through together.

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