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Resources for Teacher Inquiry Communities: An Annotated Bibliography


Compiled by NWP's Teacher Inquiry Community, this annotated bibliography of approximately 50 books offers a wealth of important designs, guides, case studies, and much more. It provides a rich resource for individual teacher researchers and those planning on leading teacher inquiry projects and professional development.


Based on the author’s work with student teachers, this slim volume is “a study of how ethnography (the study of culture) can be a useful tool for teachers in the classroom.” Each chapter describes an activity through which student teachers learned to observe ethnographically: notetaking/notemaking; neighborhood mapping; classroom mapping; ethnographic interviews; ethnographic case studies; and focused classroom observation. The chapter “Not Just for New Teachers” highlights the use of tools by experienced classroom teachers, but really the whole book is useful for any teacher-researcher looking to develop her observational skills. Each chapter ends with “further inquiry into ideas” and “activities to explore the ideas,” which teacher inquiry communities may find useful.