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We Are All Teachers of English Learners (NWP Radio)


Many NWP sites have retooled their recruitment efforts, inservice offerings and institutes in light of the significant demographic changes that have placed English learners in almost every classroom. On this NWP Radio show, teacher consultants from four sites offer a look at their work with multilingual students as a foundation for the development of site inservice and continuity offerings. This resource may be of use to teacher leaders looking for specific ideas and plans to support teachers of English learners in their schools and service areas.

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Duration: 1 hour


The first step is to really examine what your service area needs are. We know that our needs are to continue work with English learners and multilingual students, and so we want to know who’s having those conversations and what they’re talking about and what they’re proposing if they want to meet those needs. Then we look inward and really examine our TCs and say, ‘Well, what experience do they already have, particularly with multilingual students? How can we build on their experience with new knowledge, what types of continuity programs can we offer?’ Those sorts of questions are in the air. Then we think about the actual design of inservice.

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