Content-Area Literacy

What’s Next: Possibilities for Literacy and Content Area Learning (NWP Radio)


This NWP Radio show captures the conversation among planners, presenters and participants in the 2010 National Reading Initiative Conference in New Orleans. The conference captured learning from NWP sites engaged in the National Reading Initiative. Of particular interest to teacher leaders looking at the reading/writing connection and disciplinary literacy, the conference examined the intersection of adolescent literacy and content area learning by addressing the following questions: What is a text and what should we know about reading and writing texts in different disciplines? What does strong interdisciplinary work look like? What is discipline-specific in reading and writing? How can writing project sites and schools organize to work toward deeper understanding and new practices?


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Duration: 1 hour


One of the things that I think was exciting about this conference that pulled everything together was what Elizabeth Birr Moje did at the beginning of the conference in her keynote, because she pulled all of those strands together in her work….

She showed us how some of our traditional reading strategies based in disciplinary knowledge can work, but only if all of the other conditions in the situation are right to start with. And students have to be engaged.


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