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Beyond Storytime: Sharing Works-in-Progress to Support Young Writers in Understanding Authors’ Craft

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Listen to this conversation between children’s book authors and illustrators Shanda McCloskey, K-Fai Steele, Mika Song, and Ana Aranda along with Texas educator and NWP teacher-leader Katie McKay. Together, our guests will examine works-in-progress and talk about how they can support young writers in understanding authors’ craft.


New Mini-Lessons Take Young Writers Beyond Storytime

Developed as part of the Colab where authors and illustrators shared their works-in-progress with educators, these sample mini-lessons created by Katie McKay, from the Heart of Texas Writing Project, are ready for teachers to use with students. Each mini-lesson uses one or more clips from the conversation between Katie and a group of children’s book authors and illustrators. Together, the mini-lessons are designed to show young authors how they can learn from the authors they love.

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