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Our Democracy Educator Toolkit

Activities, ideas, and resources for project-based learning and multimedia production in middle school, high school, and college classrooms.
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The Dilemma of Copyright and Digital Texts

By Joseph Conroy
A guide to properly using copyrighted materials while respecting intellectual property through fair use practices.
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Power Users’ Guide

By Anne Herrington & Charlie Moran
One example of a performance-based self-assessment tool for students engaging with online content, discussions, and multimedia production.
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Voice and Composition: Authenticity Through Digital Literacies

By Dawn Reed
Learn how recording written pieces to audio can help students better understand their writing.
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Discussing the Digital Writing Workshop

By Troy Hicks
These audio recordings, with annotated highlights, showcase teacher-colleagues sharing their ideas about teaching in a digital writing workshop.
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My Block is Beautiful

By James Brown
During these workshops participants learn about the science and practical application of drones and use them to take aerial photos of blocks in their community. They then transform these digital images into works of art.
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Assembling Identity: Multimedia Collage Self-Portraits

By Jess Gold
In this two-session activity, middle school students will create a mixed media, identity-based self-portrait involving collage and sewn circuit components.
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Green City Remix

By Mariruth Leftwich
This lesson engages learners in improving their historical thinking skills, building critical understanding of change, and creatively visualizing their learning with hands-on making.
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Avonworth Galleries Project

By Dr. Kenneth F. Lockette
The Pittsburgh Galleries Project is an example of a program in which students design, create, curate, and manage exhibition spaces on a school campus.
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Write Now Teacher Studio

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Where teachers write, share, and talk shop about writing and the teaching of writing

Hosted by the National Writing Project, the Write Now Teacher Studio is an open, online community of educators for educators. It’s a place to write together, examine our teaching, create and refine curricula, and work toward ever more effective and equitable practices to create confident, creative, and critical thinkers and writers in our classrooms and courses.

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