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This project engaged local teachers and students in the creation of educational resources highlighting Flint’s history through a partnership with a local museum.

Exploring the Past & Imagining the Future was a partnership between the Oakland-Genesee Writing Project and the Stockton House Museum in Spring Grove, Michigan that helped support the recovery of the museum through an innovative exhibit while engaging local teachers and students in the creation of related educational resources highlighting Flint’s history. The project invited museum partners and visitors to be participant-learners, artifact makers, and storytellers.

Listen to this interview to hear stories from this project as well as get a tour the project website which contains resources from an educator workshop, classroom lessons, and reflections about the work.

Project Resources

Screencapture from the project's homepage.

Voices: Exploring the Past & Imagining the Future
The project’s main website which includes institute resources and teacher stories along with a timeline of voices.

Screencapture from timeline showing 20th century women photos and biographical text.

Flint Voices Timeline
A work-in-progress timeline created to feature voices of a greater diversity of Flint community members.

Screenshot of Storymap

Flint: A City of Music
A story map created to support a virtual tour of Flint, Michigan through its music along with invitations to write.
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