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In Common: Effective Writing for All Students; A Collection of K-12 Argument/Opinion Writing Samples


This collection, available online or as a PDF, contains a wide variety of K-12 student argument and opinion writing samples, accompanied by annotations using the language of the Common Core State Standards. These samples could be useful for professional development or teacher inquiry, or as mentor texts for students.



In Common is subdivided into two subsections, “On-Demand Writing” and “Range of Writing.” Pieces from the “On Demand” section are the result of uniform prompts and can be used to highlight developmental progressions in the Standards, as well as to build an understanding of grade-specific goals and expectations. The “Range of Writing” section is designed to illustrate a breadth of student writing aligned to Common Core Standards, and to spark ideas about how writing can be integrated throughout the curriculum.

Browse the collection at AchieveTheCore.org, or download it as a PDF.