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Teaching Democracy Across the Curriculum

Educators from the Boise State Writing Project studied together and created units of study across the curriculum that give students opportunities to be citizen historians.
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Teachers Writing for Civic Engagement

Based on an interest in better supporting youth writing for civic engagement, teachers of the Chicago Area Writing Project brought a focus on empowering teachers to create and share their own writing to make a social impact within and beyond their classrooms.
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Studying and Teaching Our Complicated Histories

Teachers from the Redwood Writing Project participated in a year-long study group where they discussed scholarship, texts, and resources focused on untold local histories of Humboldt County and California. The project culminated in a rich set of classroom units based on topics of interest to…
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Voices in Our Classrooms and Communities

This project engaged local teachers and students in the creation of educational resources highlighting Flint’s history through a partnership with a local museum.
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Supporting Place-Based Student Inquiry in Tulsa, Oklahoma

This project shed light on the tragic and often overlooked history of the Tulsa Race Massacre by engaging hundreds of students in studying this period and then creating artifacts and displays to showcase what they uncovered.
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Creating Spaces of Refuge, Learning, and Leadership for Students

Writing Boston's Future engaged the local community with the Museum as a site for public education. Partners share how they designed a youth-centered approach alongside a reparative, liberatory justice framework.
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Write Now Teacher Studio

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Where teachers write, share, and talk shop about writing and the teaching of writing

Hosted by the National Writing Project, the Write Now Teacher Studio is an open, online community of educators for educators. It’s a place to write together, examine our teaching, create and refine curricula, and work toward ever more effective and equitable practices to create confident, creative, and critical thinkers and writers in our classrooms and courses.

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